The Fill Your Pantry Pop-Ups are opportunities centered around and supporting Black, Brown, and Indigenous farmers; LGBTQIA2S+ farmers; and other new and emerging farmers looking to gain success in the Fill Your Pantry market events.

2021 Harvest Pop-Ups

The Harvest Pop-Ups took place within Hollywood, Hillsdale, and Montavilla. farmers markets on Saturday, November 20 and Sunday, November 21, 2021.

The follow three vendors were featured at the Harvest Pop-ups:

Another Spring Farm

"Another Spring Farm is for people of color, by people of color working for the liberation of all peoples who have been oppressed and marginalized in our current systems. We are working towards this liberation through food. This work aims to nourish those who come in contact with us at any level. Creating space for us to work with the land, to feed and heal ourselves, to play among flowers and rest when full." Another Spring Farm owner, Serena, is a Black and Japanese queer femme creator and farmer farming on half an acre growing veggies, flowers and herbs.

Moorish Roots

Moorish Roots is a Black-owned farm just entering our local food system after spending time working in farmer training programs including Mudbone Grown’s Boots 2 Roots. Employing ancient ways of Bio-integrated farming such as vermicomposting, biochar production and compost teas into their practices, Moorish Roots are devoted to the ways of farming that replenish and nurture the land rather than merely producing produce.

Tutuilla True Fish

Tutuilla True Fish is a Native-owned and operated fishery in Oregon, fishing East up the Columbia River in the tradition of their ancestors. Tutuilla True uses indigenous ways of knowing and being, methods that promote conservation and healthy fish populations. Studies show that supporting indigenous fishing and salmon management practices will yield the strongest conservation results.

2021 Summer Pop-Ups

Fill Your Pantry's Summer Pop Ups celebrated the peak season of summer produce and utilize the abundance of food grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Blueberry Week (July 18 - 24) & Tomato Week (September 5 - 11) were held at eleven Portland-area farmers markets.